Saturday, November 29, 2008

Polka dot wellie socks, "Not Me's", Ornaments sparkle

What a joy Thanksgiving was! I just love my family and I'm so thankful we have persavered through the last few years. This year has really proved to be life changing. Christmas is just around the corner and I look forward to the happy times ahead. Thanks Mom and Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Jones, for a wondeful holiday. Too bad not only my camera batteries, but my Mother's too, were DEAD! I did do a little shopping today for some very sparkling tree decor and a few gifts. Maybe a few things I didn't do this week are wear my polka dot wellie socks with my the what right? I also haven't eaten over half of the two-layer chocolate cake I made. I. Just. Didn't. I'm also not sitting her while my poor Boss claws at the door just waiting for me to let him in. :). Oh believe me, he just leads a horrible life. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend. Blessing, xoxo


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Kelli said...

Thanks so much for the compliments on my background & wreaths!! I got to looking at those free backgrounds we were using and it seemed pretty simple to create one myself so why not try right?! Once I got my hands on some stuff it actually isn't that bad. My only downfall is that I have never used photoshop before so I am just kind of poking my way around. I'm sure with practice I can create some better, more detailed stuff, but it's pretty fun for now.

Oh, and for that whole "When are you gonna have a baby?" question that everyone always ask any newly married couple... before I am 30 is the answer. We have lots of stuff we want to do and we need to finish school as well. I am not ready, but if I did have one, I want to be at least 25. With future plans though, I think I it will probably happen somewhere between 26, 27-30.

ps- I think it would be fun to actually start doing "Not Me Monday" instead of just reading them! haha... so we should start doing them today maybe?? :)

*wow, I just wrote like a page! sorry!*