Saturday, November 22, 2008

Circa 1972

I've always said that I've felt like I should've been born in the 70's. Well here I am, circa 1972...yikes! I just feel like a true hippie at heart. I love incense, all things natural, the everyones a neighbor attitude, laying in the grass, outdoor concerts, jeans and t-shirts, flowers, graffiti, big sunglasses, and the times where smoking a little grass wasn't such a big freaking deal. God made weed, man made beer, who do you trust?(all time favorite bumpersticker) Everyone has their vice wether they admit it or not, I'm just saying that I would've loved to grow-up during a time where you were'nt crucified for expressing yourself. is a lot of fun, especially when you work at a boat dealership during a recession...and it's winter time. Anyway, Corey caught a virus that's been going around so he's not much fun these days. I'm sure I'll get my turn soon. On a lighter note Four Christmas's comes out on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to that. My boss just informed me that we will be closed not only Thursday but Friday and Saturday too...great. No paycheck hardly for me! I need a new job. Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone and stay warm. xoxo


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