Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Dallas Weekend with my Hubby

****updated*** blogger is being fickle about my pics, I'll post some later, promise!

Well i guess it's finally happened. I'm no longer a young twenty something. Nope, not me! I'm now 24. ouch! Corey and I celebrated by getting out of town. We stayed at the Hyatt Dallas and loved every minute of it. It was very nice and very hassle free. (Unless you count them charging us twice for our stay.) Any who, we loved it. It was nice to get away with the one I love so very much. We went to Macaroni grill which is one of my favorites and then spent the rest of the weekend at the Allen outlets and The Galleria. My awesome husband gifted me a super cute Coach satchel which I really love b/c I'm not much of a purse person. This way I won't sit it down and not pick it up. He also got me a few items at the ever so lovely j.crew, and then I kind of went a little crazy at the Gap (that's what outlets are for right?). We enjoyed a late night dessert and just enjoyed being alone (no dogs). We slept in and went to Starbucks and well, the rest is pretty much history. I love you sweet husband and thank you for a fabulous weekend. Here are some pics to document our highlights. Have a great week. xoxo

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