Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Another Lazy Sunday

I think this is the first post I've done while at home just relaxing. I just put the cakes in the oven for my Sinful Chocolate Cake and am now just enjoying my clean house. I mean...somewhat clean of course. We booked our 2009 vacation to Jamaica, contimplated building a fire, drank hot coco, read the paper, and enjoyed a pizza & pasta lunch all before noon, and without hardly moving off the couch. Corey's feeling better and steadily driving me nuts but of coarse I love him! Sara and Boss seem to be in a constant rotation between inside and outside. I think they just need to nap. This crazy Texas winter weather is just as fickle. No wonder we have the sniffles all season long. The cakes are now spilling over and creating a huge mess in the oven, the house smells delicious. It's possible that instead of dividing the one batch of batter into 2 9in cake pans, I just used a batch of batter for each pan. They look like huge mushrooms. Whoopsie. Corey is zoned into the tv watching Carmicheal dominate races from 2004. Just one of those days where I'm thankful we put the DirecTv in our bedroom too. The sacrifices we make for the ones we love.* I was planning on eating lunch at school with my little cousin Brennan tomorrow but you know the kids get a full week off for Thanksgiving these days. Lucky! Although Corey and I both get a week off of work the week of Christmas. Well the holidays are here, are you prepared? I for one not so much. I don't really have a lot to do just odds and ends to finish up. Whatever your plans may be, I encourage each of you to please donate any old coats or other clothing to your local clothing charity. This time of year is when these items are needed the most. It's a simple act that goes a long way. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, xoxo


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Jill said...

your new blog theme is super-cool! niiice.