Friday, December 19, 2008

Sleep Well Sweet Girl

I just can't seem to find the words to describe how I'm feeling. I have so many questions as to why, how, who, and why why why???? I'm not a mother, but this case has affected me in so many ways. As a woman, I tend to want to nuture and take care of everyone around me. My parents have always referred to me as Mother Hen. That's just who I am. For example; In middle school my friends and I were at a pool party. Morgan had a older brother so all of his cool friends were there also. All of us girls were just loving the fun of being out of school and swimming with really cute boys. Anyway, my friend Amanda and I went to the know how it is....girls go to the bathroom together...always! So she did her business and then boom!!! The toilet won't flush. Knowing how embarrased she would be if anyone knew, I decided to "save the day". I won't go into any details, but let's just say that for the next 4 years I was known as the Pooper Scooper. I learned that just because I think I'm helping, I don't always have to. Shocker right? Moving on now. There were many times growing up that I learned people need to fight their own battles. Sometimes helping isn't percieved as such. Getting back to the subject of Caylee, I'm at peace knowing she's with Jesus. I'm comforted by the fact that He's made her perfect again. No one can ever hurt her again, she's at peace. I hope that her family finds peace in that also. Please say a prayer for Caylee tonight. Let her know that even though her own kin didn't love her enough to be truthful, that we do. As a body of women let's love her, let's love her enough for a lifetime, no matter how long that may be. Sleep well sweet girl. xoxo


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The Mr. and Mrs. said...

I am so glad you wrote something about Caylee - I am right there with you. This case has really gotten to me and I have been following it from the very beginning. I am just having a hard time with the fact that someone would do this to a child. It is very tragic. I agree with you though, I am glad she can now rest in peace. xx love you girl!