Saturday, August 23, 2008

****** Immediate Prayer Request STAT

Many of you know the story of Audrey Caroline Smith. This sweet sweet family buried their infant daughter just a few months ago. Yesterday, the Smith family buried Luke, infant son of Angie's sister and brother-in-law. The Smith family weighs their heavy burden on the mighty heart of our Lord. Please join me tonight in praying for their family. Pray that they'll find peace in this dark time of loss. Help me carry this burden to the Lord for comfort. Thank you for taking the time. xoxo

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Jill said...

hey lady. i've been thinking about you, actually. i was looking at your wedding pictures on facebook, and you are so beautiful! i'm happy that you are happy! (at least it looks that way.) married life is great, eh?

i'm going to start reading you blog, too! i'm new to the world of blog, but it is a good outlet for me to talk about design...something that bores most people. :)