Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Ode to Mrs. D...

Kelli busted me. hey kelli! (i'm so sorry about your friend) Well I've sat down to post a few times in the last week and just ened up giving up on blogger. am i the only one with this problem? it drives me crazy that posting a few pics can turn into brain surgery...i don't have the patience. i even downloaded the windows live in hopes of making it a little easier, and what do you know, i can't figure out how to blog using that thing either. i'll keep working on it. so word on the street says a little well known blog that i've been reading was a fraud. are we really that surprised...people are wild and bold in real life, so why would'nt they be even bolder on the internet. cfhusband put up a great post on how to detech these said blogs from the get go. thanks nate! and moving on....who else is obsessed with i just love her and her site. she's so sassy and i love it. her recipes are to die for and she has sinlge handedly put me on the fast track to becoming a domestic diva. ha! i said diva. corey and i are leaving next week for our anniversary trip, we put the kaboosh on turks this year and are going to lake hamilton in hot springs instead....mama wanted new furniture. so we are doing the lake thing instead of the whole arlington spa deal which we did last year. the beach will have to wait ;(. sara is in heat so that has been just awesome. good thing i shrunk those string bikinis i bought last week at vs. they fit her perfectly, it's pretty cute, gross, but cute. well i need to get back to work so ya'll have a great day and weekend!


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katie + bret said...

Have fun in hot springs - that is one of my favorite places on earth!